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White House to probe worker’s monitoring tools

White House to probe worker's monitoring tools

The administration of Joe Biden intends to investigate firms’ use of technology to monitor and supervise workers, which it stated on Monday is becoming more frequent and potentially pose “serious risks to workers.”

In a blog post, the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy solicited feedback from employees on their experiences with surveillance technology, as well as questions from employers and software providers about how they develop and utilise it.

“While these technologies can benefit both workers and employers in some cases, they can also create serious risks to workers,” the OSTP said.

“Monitoring conversations can deter workers from exercising their rights to organize and collectively bargain with their employers. And, when paired with employer decisions about pay, discipline, and promotion, automated surveillance can lead to workers being treated differently or discriminated against.”

For years, advocates have criticised how firms utilise such technology, claiming that it violates worker privacy, impedes union operations, and allows discrimination.


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