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WhatsApp update allows automatic Facebook status sharing

WhatsApp update allows automatic Facebook status sharing

Meta, WhatsApp’s parent company, is testing a function that would allow users to automatically post WhatsApp status updates as Facebook posts.

For some users, the feature is now accessible in the app’s most recent beta version (

Beta users can choose which status changes are automatically shared, as well as who can read the Facebook stories that were automatically uploaded from WhatsApp.

WhatsApp update allows automatic Facebook status sharing

If you see a new Facebook option immediately within your status privacy settings, as seen in this screenshot, it signifies the feature is enabled for your account.

When this function is enabled, status changes will be immediately shared to Facebook Story without leaving WhatsApp.

Furthermore, you can still control which status updates are always shared and who can see your Facebook Story status updates from the Facebook app.

The automatic sharing of status updates on Facebook would greatly simplify the functionality.

The option to share WhatsApp statuses to Facebook is now available in the stable version of WhatsApp, but it is a manual process that requires a few more steps.

However, there is no telling when this feature will be made available to the general public.

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