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Uber launches new user interface for customers

Uber launches new user interface for customers

Warsaw, Poland - April 30, 2019: View on Uber car (Skoda) with inscription on the street before sunset

Digital ride-hailing and delivery company, Uber, has launched a new user interface for its users.

This was disclosed by the head of product for rides, Uber, Jen You, on Wednesday.

According to him, the redesigned application has a simpler home screen which reduces friction when reserving a ride or placing a delivery order by eliminating the need for a few extra taps.

Also, it makes it simpler for users to access bookmarked locations, and some iPhone users can view the status of a ride on their lock screen.

According to Jen You, the company wants to make the user experience so simple and straightforward that more users think of it as the “one-stop-shop for going anywhere and getting anything.”

“The redesigned Uber app has increased awareness and consideration of a wider array of products, which has driven growth to several lines of business.

“This redesign leans into our platform strategy by expanding the breadth and relevance of products that Uber customers can engage with every time they open the app, especially Uber One members who use more of our products more often and will now have easier access to all the offerings in their city,” he added.


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