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Twitter unveils prices for API access

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Twitter has announced its new API pricing structures on Wednesday. This comes after weeks of inaction from the company.

These three tiers include a basic free level designed primarily for content posting bots, a basic $100 per month level, and a costly enterprise level.

According to the company, any level of subscription includes free access to the Ads API.

Twitter stated that old access levels such as Standard (for v1.1), Essential and Elevated (for v2), and Premium will be phased out over the next 30 days.

Twitter’s API saga began in February when the company announced that free API access would be discontinued in a matter of days.

Following widespread criticism, Elon Musk stated that the company will provide a free tier to bots that provide “good content.”

Later, it stated that the basic tier would begin at $100 per month without specifying the level of access.

On February 13, the company announced a “few more days” delay in the launch. After more than 45 days, the company finally provided information about the new APIs.

Previously, with the release of the v2 in 2020, Twitter provided multiple access levels to developers, including Essential and Elevated, which provided access to 500,000 to 2 million tweets per month.

App developers who fall into that usage category will now be required to subscribe to the enterprise plan.

Some developers who attempted to subscribe to the new basic tier discovered that they had already reached their subscription limit.

Twitter’s new announcement mentions “looking at new ways” to serve the academic community, but offers no details on potential solutions.

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