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Twitter faces eviction from US office over rent

Twitter faces eviction from US office over rent

A judge has authorised the eviction of Twitter from its Boulder office in Chicago after court records showed the landlord is owed three months’ rent.

Since Elon Musk took control of the company, Twitter’s operations have mostly disintegrated, and there have been several allegations of unpaid payments. While it is regrettable but not unusual for a contractor to go unpaid during a difficult transition, Twitter’s operations may be in worse shape than anyone anticipated if they stop paying rent entirely for months.

In February 2020, a $968,000 letter of credit was given to Lot 2 SBO LLC, the Chicago-based landlord that owns Twitter’s office at 3401 Bluff St in Boulder, according to court records and reporting by the Denver Business Journal.

The specifics of this agreement are somewhat hazy, but it has been using this to pay the rent instead of regular installments until the funds ran out in March. Since then, the company has not made payments.

The landlord filed a lawsuit in May, and on May 31 the Court ordered the sheriff to help evict Twitter within the following 49 days, or by the end of July. The case is 2023CV30342 and is being heard in Boulder District Court.

The number of employees in Twitter’s Boulder offices previously reached 300, but due to layoffs, additional firings, and resignations, it is likely currently fewer than half that number.

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