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Twitch adds Stories features to app

Twitch adds Stories features to app

Twitch revealed on Saturday that later this year, its own users would be able to start filming Stories.

Twitch announced its plans to launch the ephemeral media format in October at its TwitchCon Paris event.

The Twitch mobile app’s Following tab will host Stories once they come, where they will be subject to the platform’s automated safety measures and Community Guidelines. Additionally, creators will have the choice to only allow those who follow them to see their Stories.

One of the other features Twitch unveiled on Saturday is Stories. The firm announced plans to launch a new Discovery Feed in the autumn, which it claims will make it simpler for creators to expand their audiences even when they aren’t streaming.

The Discovery Feed will stream live and recorded content on the company’s mobile app, just like Stories.

“Because Twitch is all about live, interactive channels, it’s not our goal for viewers to spend hours in a Clips feed,” Twitch said.

The Discovery Feed will first be tested in a small group of Twitch users before being made available to all Twitch users in late 2023.

The company also stated that it was working on enhancing the platform’s built-in clip editor. The solution will enable producers to export vertical videos directly to TikTok before the end of the next month.

Nearly eight years after Instagram stole the Snapchat story feature, the feature is finally coming to Twitch.


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