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TikTok updates direct message features


Alex Omenye

Short-video platform, TikTok has updated its direct messaging features. This feature can allow users of the app to have more control over who they receive messages. Everyone recommended friends, mutual followers, people you’ve messaged, or no one at all.

Prior to this update, users could only send DMs to people they had identified as friends or were recommended to.

According to the company’s website, selecting “Everyone” means that anyone can send you a DM. Messages from common friends and individuals you follow will be delivered to your inbox, while messages from people you don’t follow will be delivered to Message Requests. You also have the option of accepting, deleting, or reporting these messages.

If you select “Suggested Friends,” suggested friends, including synced Facebook friends and phone contacts, will be able to send you a DM. Anyone who follows you and you follow back can send you a message if you select the “Mutual Friends” option. If you choose “No one,” you will not be able to receive direct communications from anyone. TikTok also stated that you can still view your message history in your inbox, but you won’t be able to send or receive new direct messages in those chats.

To update your direct messaging settings, go to the TikTok home page and tap the Profile symbol. Then, at the top, hit the Menu button and select “Settings and privacy,” followed by “Privacy.” Following that, from there, pick “Direct messages,” and then select who you want to allow to send you DMs.

The change is the latest of TikTok’s efforts to compete with Instagram by extending social capabilities on its platform. The corporation updated the “Discover” area with a new “Friends” tab last year. TikTok’s choice to abandon the Discover tab suggested that the company was looking for a new way to propose content based on actual friendships.

TikTok has already established itself as a successful entertainment platform, for people of all ages, although it’s raging among Gen Zs. The platform continues to make the app easier and more enjoyable for users to use in a bid to retain users and make them spend more time on its app.

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