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Tesla’ll open source more code to other automakers – Musk

Tesla'll open source more code to other automakers - Musk

Elon Musk stated that Tesla would open up some of its car operating system codes to other automakers. Musk made this known during a Twitter Spaces conversation with Ford CEO Jim Farley on Thursday.

“In the same way that maybe Android is helpful to the phone industry as sort of a general standard, like we could potentially open source more code,” Musk explained.

Musk was replying to Farley’s observation that creating a “fully software updatable vehicle” is “extremely difficult.” The wealthy executive stated that Tesla would be delighted to “be helpful on the software front.”

Musk made the remark during a Twitter Spaces announcement of a milestone deal between Tesla and Ford. According to the agreement announced on Thursday, Ford EV customers will have access to the Tesla Supercharging network in the United States and Canada.

Musk and Farley also hinted Thursday at future collaborations, including in the supply chain.

Despite competing against each other, the two CEOs have remained cordial at times. Musk has already lauded the carmaker, stating on multiple occasions that only Tesla and Ford had avoided bankruptcy.

Ford has promised to add Tesla’s charging station in its second-generation of EVs, which will comprise a truck and a three-row SUV, beginning in 2025.

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