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Samsung Pay leaves users stranded over outage

Samsung Pay leaves users stranded over outage

Samsung’s payment system, Samsung Pay suffered an outage in South Korea earlier this week.

However, Samsung later in a statement said “Intermittent delays in biometric authentication are occurring when trying to pay with Samsung Pay. We will do our best to take action as soon as possible.”

It was subsequently disclosed by the company that “A software error occurred during an app update process.”

The outage was resolved quickly but it left many users stranded and unable to make payments for some time.

Samsung Pay accounts for 24% of the market in South Korea, the outage got to most people.

Since the arrival of Apple Pay in South Korea, Samsung has been working hard to solidify its dominance in South Korea.

There are rumours that Samsung may likely bring Samsung Pay to Galaxy Watches in South Korea as the company devises a way to curtail Apple Pay’s presence in South Korea.

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