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OpenAI threatens to quit Europe over tough regulations

OpenAI threatens to quit Europe over tough regulations

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman stated on Wednesday that the ChatGPT manufacturer may consider leaving Europe if it is unable to comply with the European Union’s future artificial intelligence laws.

The EU is developing what could be the world’s first set of laws to control AI. Companies using generative AI tools, such as ChatGPT, will be required to reveal any copyrighted information used to construct their systems as part of the agreement.

Before considering a withdrawal, Altman stated at a London event that OpenAI will endeavour to comply with European regulations when they are finalised.

“The current draft of the EU AI Act would over-regulate, but we have heard it’s going to get pulled back,” he told Reuters. “They’re still talking about it.”

Earlier this month, EU legislators reached an agreement on the draught of the act. The law will now be considered by members from the Parliament, the Council, and the Commission to iron out the final elements.

“There’s so much they could do, like changing the definition of general-purpose AI systems,” Altman explained. “There are numerous things that could be done.”

A General Purpose AI System is a legislatively proposed category for AI tools that have more than one use, such as generative AI models like Microsoft-backed ChatGPT.

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