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NIPOST partners tech firm to improve infrastructure

The Nigerian Postal Service through its Courier and Logistics Regulatory Department has secured a public-private partnership with Transxor Mainstream Global Limited, a technology firm, to improve its technical infrastructure.

According to the agency, the collaboration will provide it with technical support and innovation in its oversight functions. It said the partnership will guide its approach to ensuring compliance with established regulations.

In a statement, the Postmaster General of the Federation and Chief Executive Officer of NIPOST, Dr Ismail Adewusi, said, “The infusion of cutting-edge technology into NIPOST’s operations is very much in harmony with our commitment to revolutionising the Nigerian Postal Service to keep pace with innovations in the courier and logistics sector.”

The statement added that NIPOST-CLRD in collaboration with Transxor had rolled out ‘WeMuv’, an app and platform for registering all logistics and courier service providers in Nigeria, whilst also providing payment plans for license fees.

The General Manager of NIPOST’s Courier and Logistics Regulatory Department, Mr Gideon Shonde, said, “Many operators are currently not licensed to operate.

“Some operators need help with paying the licensing fee, which is why we are introducing daily, weekly, and monthly payment options to operators who register on the new platform; a win-win situation for all parties.”

Transxor, NIPOST-CLRD’s technical partner, added, “As an indigenous company with a clear insight into the issues plaguing the logistics and courier sector in Nigeria, the WeMuv platform for NIPOST-CLRD is indeed ground-breaking as it not only ensures a higher level of compliance to licensing rules but also bridges the gap between ‘the regulator’ and ‘the regulated’ in an unprecedented way.”

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