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Nigerians overpay for internet, global study reveals

Nigerians overpay for internet, global Study reveals

Nigeria has ranked 109th globally with an index of 0.0017, 44 times lower than the global average of countries overpaying for the internet they get compared to other countries worldwide.

This is according to the Global Internet Value index which is calculated by dividing each country’s internet speed by the internet affordability to determine the countries that are overpaying for their internet.

In the regional ranking, Nigeria ranks 12th place in Sub-Saharan Africa, with an index 56% lower than Africa’s average.

South Africa and Ghana ranked 70th and 105th, respectively, both overpay for the internet they get.

“Internet Value index offers to look at internet connection from a practical perspective – whether we get what we pay for. Even economically affluent countries with relatively fast internet can overpay compared to others worldwide,” says Agneska Sablovskaja, Lead Researcher at Surfshark’s data,

“However, some countries may have slower internet but also pay a considerably lower price, which is considered fair.”

However, 4 out of 10 Africans get their internet at a fair price

Comparing internet value in Africa, South Africa remains the leader, Egypt ranks second, and followed by Morocco. South Africa is the best in Africa, and part of Sub-Saharan Africa, the Northern Africa subregion performs better overall.

The average index of its 4 countries is two times higher than Sub-Saharan Africa.

Zimbabwe and Uganda are the lowest-ranking African countries, followed closely by Cameroon.

4 out of 10 people in Asia can access the internet at a fair price when compared to the rest of the region.

Israel leads as the best in Asia with the best internet value index and is followed by Singapore and South Korea.

78% of Europeans get their internet at fair prices.

Denmark takes the lead in Europe with an index almost four times higher than the European average and is closely followed by France.

The three lowest-ranking countries are Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, and North Macedonia, which are all located in Southern Europe.

In North America, 7 out of every 10 individuals can access the internet at a fair price. The United States leads.

None of the countries in Latin America and the Caribbean subregion of North America have above-average internet value.

59% of South Americans get their internet at a fair price.

Chile leads South America’s internet value, followed by Uruguay and Brazil.

Oceania’s internet value index is almost three times higher than the global average.

Australia is ranked 5th in the world, and New Zealand is ranked 25th overall.


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