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Netflix partners Lacoste to boost revenue, content exposure

Netflix partners Lacoste to boost revenue, content exposure

Media streaming company, Netflix has collaborated with Lacoste to create a clothing line inspired by eight of its popular shows.

“Bridgerton,” “Stranger Things,” and “Lupin” are among the shows that inspired the concept.

Others include “Money Heist,” “The Witcher,” “Sex Education,” “Shadow & Bone,” and “Elite,” which are notable for their appeal to a wide range of audiences, from adventure and romance fans to YA show fans.

Lacoste reimagined its iconic crocodile logo with elements from Netflix shows on a collection of polos, caps, sweatshirts, and tracksuits for the collection.

A sweatshirt for “Stranger Things” features a crocodile with the face of the Demogorgon, the feared creature from Season 1. In “Bridgerton”-inspired pieces, the alligator wears an oversized wig — a nod to Queen Charlotte.

The items range from $30 to $210 and will be available at select Lacoste stores, on Lacoste’s website and on Netflix’s shop. The campaign will last about six weeks, and will run till supplies are out.

“We think products can be a powerful medium for storytelling and partnering with Lacoste presents a unique opportunity to blend the worlds of fashion and entertainment,” Josh Simon, VP, of Consumer Products, Netflix, said in a blog post in reaction to the partnership.

Catherine Spindler, Lacoste’s deputy CEO, in the post, added that the collaboration is a “powerful encounter, of our respective codes, influences and know-how.”

This is Netflix’s first multi-title fashion collaboration, and it’s the latest show of how the company is pushing consumer products and events tied to its shows to diversify revenue and increase exposure to its content.

Previously, the streamer announced a partnership with Walmart to sell its products on the retailer’s website and in 2,400 stores.

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