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Motorola unveils rollable device demo

Motorola unveils rollable device demo

Motorola showed off a rollable mobile phone in a quick video demo during the parent company, Lenovo’s 2022 Tech World event.

According to The Verge, Motorola’s rollable device screen extends and retracts at the press of a button, with a moving, to-match wallpaper.

The rolling display is a flexible OLED panel, measuring 6.5 inches when extended and retracting down to “just over” 4 inches.

The demo video only gives us a glimpse of the front of the device, and the screen appears to wrap around the phone, rolling up from the bottom edge.

At least as far as prototypes go, this concept appears to be on the “operational” side of the spectrum — there are at least battery and cellular indicator icons on the screen.

Motorola isn’t providing any more details about it at this point. It’s unclear whether it will ever reach the market, and flexible concepts aren’t exactly batting a thousand right now.

TCL has been teasing flexible products a-plenty over the past few years without a viable commercial product to show for it.

LG’s rollable concept may have been closest to the market, but that also didn’t survive.

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