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Microsoft plans sleek Windows 11 design


Alex Omenye

American multinational tech company, Microsoft is rumored to be working on an update to its File Explorer on Windows 11, sources said.

This update would significantly improve Windows’ user interface and functions. It is also expected to be sleeker and more integrated with Microsoft 365 and OneDrive in Windows 11.

Internal mockups show a revised File Explorer header, an improved search box design, and a new home button.

In addition, the File Explorer is scheduled to have a new, improved highlight button on the left side. There will also be a new ‘details’ page. Microsoft intends to introduce tagging to File Explorer. This is comparable to Apple’s macOS Finder, which enables users to tag similar files and easily discover them.

Microsoft hasn’t made any significant changes to File Explorer since Windows 8. In October, there will be a little redesign. Tab support would be included to Windows 11.

Microsoft is also said to be testing a new gallery part of File Explorer. A new gallery area would contain larger photo previews.

However, Microsoft has not officially confirmed that File Explorer would be redesigned, but part of the code for the changes was discovered during recent Windows 11 testing. The new File Explorer features are planned to be available by the end of 2023.

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