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Meta launches virtual reality subscription service

Meta launches virtual reality subscription service

Meta on Monday introduced Meta Quest+, a subscription-based service for its virtual reality devices, to help shape a budding highly-invested market.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the availability of the Meta Quest+ membership on Monday for its Quest 2, Pro, and soon for Quest 3, for $7.99 per month, or $59.99 annually, in a broadcast channel on the social media app Instagram.

With the $3,499 Vision Pro augmented reality headset, Apple has entered the market previously controlled by Meta. Even still, the most expensive headset from Meta is three times more expensive than Apple’s headset.

Since its major bets on the metaverse failed to pay off, Meta lowered the price of their headsets in March.

According to Meta’s website, the company’s flagship VR headset, the Meta Quest Pro, is now available for $999.99, down from its original launch price of $1,499.99, while the Quest 2 is being offered for $299.99.

Although virtual reality headsets have become the “next big thing,” their adoption has been restricted to the gaming industry despite the devices’ more sophisticated features.

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