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Meta decries ChatGPT-related malware attack

EU to fine Meta over Facebook data transfer to US

Facebook parent company, Meta stated on Wednesday that malware distributors were exploiting public interest in ChatGPT to trick users into downloading harmful apps and browser extensions.

According to a study, the social media giant has discovered roughly ten malware families and over 1,000 dangerous links that were promoted as products utilising the popular artificial intelligence-powered chatbot since March.

According to the tech giant, in other circumstances, the malware supplied working ChatGPT capability alongside abusive files. Metal also compared the problem to cryptocurrency fraud.

At a press conference to discuss the report, Meta Chief Information Security Officer Guy Rosen stated that “ChatGPT is the new crypto” for bad actors.

Rosen and other Meta executives said the company was ready for a number of potential abuses associated with generative AI technologies such as ChatGPT, which can instantly generate human-like writing, and others.


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