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Lagos launches app to fight domestic, gender-based violence

The Lagos State Government has launched a mobile application in its bid to fight domestic, sexual and gender based violence cases in the state.


The unveiling was done by the Domestic and Sexual Violence Agency on Tuesday, according to PMNews.


The Executive Secretary, DSVA, Titilola Vivour-Adeniyi, at the launch of the Lagos State Domestic and Sexual Violence Case Management System, said that the platform would ensure that cases were promptly reported and properly managed.


Vivour-Adeniyi also explained that the 2020 COVID pandemic with its attendant challenges, presented an opportunity for service providers and the state to look inwardly, identify the lacunas in the system and re-strategize on ways to make service delivery better.


The DSVA executive secretary said, in view of the need to standardized response mechanisms in Lagos State, the Joint EU-UN Spotlight initiative provided support to the Lagos State Government through the development of the Lagos State Domestic and Sexual Violence Unified Response Protocol and Referral Pathway Document (the first of its kind in Nigeria), which was ratified in 2021.


She explained that part of the support was towards the development of a Case Management Mobile Application, which was both a mobile (Android and IOS) and web portal.


Vivour-Adeniyi, however, added that at the moment, the handling and management of sexual and gender based violence cases, end to end, was done manually.


In her words, “This therefore slows down the process of providing services, especially as sexual and gender based violence responders are duty bound to respond to incidents timeously.


”By virtue of the DSVCMS, we would be able to attend to cases, make necessary referrals to responder agencies and manage cases digitally, thereby optimising our operational efficiency.


”In essence, DSVCMS digitalises management of cases, end to end, across the relevant responder agencies.”


Vivour-Adeniyi also stated that, for the sake of accountability, the information on the app would be accessible to the entire ecosystem.


Other benefits of the app include, enhancing the ability to follow up on cases and ensure all relevant responder agencies.

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