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Jeff Bezos may sell Washington Post

Jeff Bezos may sell Washington Post

Alex Omenye

Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos might be selling off his popular American newspaper, the Washington Post, in a bid to buy the NFL’s Washington Commanders, which is up for sale.

Jeff Bezos is a lover of sports, as he disclosed in a CNN interview, and he has expressed interest in owning an NFL franchise and joining the league of NFL owners. Since it was announced that the Washington Commanders were for sale, it seemed like a good opportunity for the tech billionaire to own one of the many things he loves.

However, Jeff would face a challenge buying the club as the owner, Dan Snyder, is still angry about the newspaper’s series of stories exposing a toxic management culture at the team, where bosses, including Snyder allegedly enable sexual harassment.

The Washington Commanders are one of the most well-known football franchises in the world’s sports leagues. It is located in the capital of the USA and has won three Super Bowls.

In October 2022, the football team’s Facebook page had about 1.81 million fans, and the Twitter page had more than 1.4 million followers. In 2021, the club’s revenue is expected to be $544 million
NFL is currently one of the biggest rating powerhouses on American TV. It has an exclusive for Amazon Prime Video with the popular “Thursday Night Football” show, which is used for National Football League games broadcast in the US.

A spokesman for the Washington Post has debunked the news that the newspaper is up for sale.

Jeff Bezos bought the Washington Post in 2013 for $250 million from the Graham family, the owners of the newspaper for 80 years.

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