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Italy sets aside $33m fund for AI victims

Italy sets aside $33m fund for AI victims

Italy set aside 30 million euros ($33 million) on Monday to boost the skills of unemployed individuals as well as those whose jobs may be threatened by the advancement of artificial intelligence.

According to the Fondo per la Repubblica Digitale, established by the Rome administration in 2021 to improve Italians’ digital skills, 54% of persons aged 16 to 74 lack fundamental digital skills, compared to an average of 46% in the European Union.

According to FRD, funding for upgrading training will be given in two ways.

Ten million euros of the total will go towards improving the skills of those whose employment are at high risk of being displaced owing to automation and technological innovation.

According to FRD, the remaining 20 million euros will be used to assist unemployed and economically inactive people in developing digital skills that will increase their chances of entering the labour market.

According to FRD, automation might threaten a wide range of occupations, including those in transportation and logistics, office support and administration, manufacturing, services, and retail.

The proliferation of artificial intelligence and automation, as well as the rapid development of tools such as ChatGPT, has piqued the interest of politicians and regulators in a number of countries.

Many experts believe that new regulations are required to oversee AI because of its potential impact on national security, education, and jobs.

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