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Israel aims to become ‘AI superpower’ – Minister

Israel aims to become 'AI superpower' - Minister

The Israeli Defence Ministry’s director-general stated on Monday that Israel intends to leverage its technological strength to become an artificial intelligence “superpower.”

The introduction of a dedicated organisation for military robotics within the ministry, as well as a record-high budget for associated research and development this year, are among the steps being taken to harness rapid AI evolutions, according to former army general Eyal Zamir.

“There are those who see AI as the next revolution in changing the face of warfare in the battlefield,” Zamir said at the Herzliya Conference, an annual international security gathering.

He cited Generative Pre-trained Transformer and Artificial General Intelligence as deep-learning domains being addressed by civilian AI firms and potentially having military uses.

The Israeli military has revealed some of the autonomous systems that are already in use.

It stated in 2021 that robot surveillance jeeps would assist in patrolling the Gaza Strip border.

This month, Israel Aerospace Industries debuted an autonomous intelligence-gathering submarine that, according to the company, has already completed “thousands of hours” of operations.

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