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Intel unveils 6GHz running Core i9-13900KS

Intel unveils 6GHz running Core i9-13900KS

Intel has unveiled the fastest desktop CPU currently on the market, Core i9-13900KS and it boasts of a maximum clock speed of 6GHz without the use of overclocking, Yahoo News reports.

The processor’s ability to run faster when it’s cool sufficiently, known as Thermal Velocity Boost, makes this possible.

The i9-13900KS is an improved model of the i9-13900K, which Intel debuted in the fall of last year.

The older CPU’s 5.8GHz top speed and lower base power of 125W as opposed to the newer chip’s 150W are its key distinctions from the more recent processor. But the i9-13900KS has the same amount of cache (36 MB), 20 PCIe lanes, and 24 cores as the i9-13900K.

Additionally, the new processor works with Z790 and Z690 motherboards, albeit an updated BIOS is advised.

Intel Core chips made after the 11th generation have a feature called Thermal Velocity Boost that enables faster operation while the chip is cool.

This is accomplished by raising the clock frequency by 100 MHz when the temperature falls below a cutoff of 70 degrees Celsius. To make the most of it, you’ll need a reliable cooling system.

Before AMD’s Ryzen 9 7950X3D, which is scheduled to be on sale in February, this release was made. The Ryzen 9 7950X3D includes 144MB of 3D V-Cache, which enables the CPU to add extra cache, and can operate at regular speeds of 5.7GHz.

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