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How to use AI to fact-check 2023 elections

How to use AI to fact-check 2023 elections

Full Fact Team

A UK-based nonprofit organization called Full Fact has announced that it will use AI capabilities to counter false information during the 2023 elections.

The project will be carried out in collaboration with International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN) members Africa Check, Dubawa, and FactCheckHub, who will be using Full Fact’s AI tools to fact-check claims coming out of the election process.

The project is made possible by a $2 million grant from Google’s charitable arm,

A collection of reliable, scalable software tools called Full Fact AI are intended to help fact-checkers and organizations that are committed to disseminating truthful information.

Full Fact AI users can effectively combat false information while upholding high standards of accuracy and credibility thanks to the collaboration of artificial intelligence and human expertise.

The real-time tool provides an instant transcription of election debates, interviews, and town halls, eliminating the need for later transcription of these events. The Search tool helps identify the most important statements to fact-check each day by monitoring online media, social media, and RSS feeds, and the Alerts tool, informs fact-checkers of repeat instances of previously fact-checked false information, allowing them to act quickly and insert accurate information into public discourse

As part of the election process, Full Fact said it will also provide ongoing training and support to its local fact-checking partners.

“Every vote should be an informed vote. We’ve seen firsthand how bad information spreads during an election and it can’t be allowed to undermine democracy. Our AI tools, with support from, help fact-checkers stay ahead of false claims and promote accurate information. We’re proud to support our partners in Nigeria during this important time.” CEO of Full Fact, Will Moy, commented on how AI would be used to fight fake information.

Google’s Government Affairs & Public Policy Manager, Nigeria, Dawn Dimowo, talked about the impact of the project

“At, we’re dedicated to using our resources and technology to make a positive impact on society. Continuing our support for Full Fact in Nigeria is an exciting opportunity to help stop the spread of misinformation and promote accurate information during the election.
“This builds on our ongoing efforts to support local fact-checking initiatives. We’re proud to support this important project and make a positive difference in the world.”

Fact-checking still confronts obstacles like scarce resources and trouble acquiring information, despite the rise of organizations and projects in Nigeria meant to stop the spread of false information and promote factual information.

However, Full Fact stated that it is dedicated to making it more difficult for false and misleading statements to proliferate and undermine confidence in democracy with the aid of AI technology.


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