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How to take time off Instagram with Meta’s ‘break’ feature

A few months ago, Meta-owned social networking platform, Instagram, introduced a new feature that will let users take a break from social media and focus on other areas of their lives.

Users can control their time on Instagram with the help of the “break” feature, which allows them to take pauses when needed.

This will also help to keep track of how much time they spend using the app and set a daily reminder to take a break.

With this feature, push notifications can also be temporarily muted as the function is intended to assist users in striking a balance between their use of the app and other activities in their lives.

While the feature is accessible to all users, Instagram said that it is especially targeted at the platform’s young audience.

The “Meta” feature on Instagram allows you to set a reminder to take a break from the app.

Here’s how to set a reminder:

1. Go to your profile
2. Tap the three lines in the top right corner
3. Tap “Settings”
4. Tap “Your Activity”
5. Tap “Set Daily Reminder”

6. Select the time you’d like to receive the reminder to take a break.

You can also set a “mute push notifications” for a period of time, and track the time you spend on the Instagram app.

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