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How to activate 5G on iPhone



American multinational technology company, Apple, has launched a beta programme to enable its users access 5G services on iphone devices.

According to reports, the services are available in select cities.

It is reported that iphone users will need the latest iOS 16.2 beta software. According to reports, iPhones 12 and above come with 5G support.

How to install iOS 16.2

Go to the Settings app on your iPhone.

Click on software update.

Download and install the iOS 16.2
update on your device

How to register for Apple beta software programme

Go to the Apple beta software programme website and sign up.

Enter your Apple ID and password and follow the on-screen instructions

How to activate 5G

Go to Settings.

Click on mobile data.

Choose data option. The ‘5G Auto’ option will let you automatically shift between networks, depending on availability.

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