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How technology can improve national security – Experts

The Computer Professionals (Registration Council of Nigeria) has said it is set to consider the relationship and how Information Technology can be leveraged to improve national security and economic stability in the nation.

The president and Chairman of Council, CPN, Mr Kole Jagun, disclosed this while announcing the CPN IT Professionals’ Assembly/Annual General Meeting during a virtual press briefing.

According to him, the assembly will produce findings and recommendations towards deploying advanced technologies through effective partnerships to promote economic, technological, and national security competitiveness.

He said, “Ladies and Gentlemen, the IT Assembly, which is the flagship of all IT programmes in Nigeria, is an exclusive networking event for senior Information Technology decision makers, IT consultants, upcoming IT entrepreneurs, start–ups, IT practitioners, teachers, and IT Systems administrators.

“The Assembly is also a platform for some of the industry’s most innovative technology distribution and service providers to showcase their products and services; and for participants to appreciate the emerging technologies, trends, and risks that are associated with transforming the various industries using IT.”

Jagun stated that the 2022 assembly is themed, ‘Leveraging IT for National Security and Economic Stability.’

He added, “Information technology plays a significant role in the Security and Economic Stability of any country and Nigeria is not different. IT will continue to strengthen national security against future upcoming threats and cyber-attacks.

“IT can help countries to identify potential threats, share information easily, and protect mechanisms in them. IT has changed our way of life considerably. IT has shaped substantially the mode of peoples’ interaction, business processes, entertainment, and learning.

“There is no gainsaying that IT is encouraging globalisation and exchange of information. The benefits of using these technologies are immense and they are here to stay. In the context of globalization and further economic integration in recent decades, the relationship between the economy and national security has become increasingly interlinked.”

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