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How hackers break into online accounts is better

How hackers break into online accounts is better

Periodic password change is one way to keep your online presence secured and safe from hackers and data cyber thieves, experts have revealed.

In a CNN interview, Cyber Security expert, Rachel Tobac, revealed how vulnerable your digital accounts become when you don’t change your passwords.

Tobac also explained that using similar passwords across your digital accounts also gives you up easily as prey to hunting hackers.

According to Tobac, if the password is bridged, it can be used to access every other digital account you have, giving hackers access to all your online apps, and websites that share the hacked password.

Tobac explained that using long, special characters passwords is one way to secure your social media and other digital accounts.

She also advised using different passwords for different sites, meaning one password per site; this prevents hackers from gaining access to other sites if any of your passwords is bridged.

To help manage the stress of remembering all these passwords, Tobac advised using Password Manager, an encrypted, safe password storage platform that helps you keep all your password secured and safe.

To further fortify your online presence, Tobac advised using Muti-Factor Authentication for any sites you use; with these even if your password is bridged, hackers still can’t access your account because it does not have access to your MFA.

She said, “Most people when they log into their accounts, they reuse their passwords, or they change it just so lightly, and when they do, if they get into a password bridge: which all of us have, I can reuse that password on multiple sites that they’ve logged into.”

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