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Google to unveil power-saver Chrome on MacBooks

Google to unveil power-saver Chrome on MacBooks

Google is unveiling a recent version of Chrome that will be receive internal upgrades that will reduce its energy consumption on MacBooks.

Version 110, which is being rolled out to all customers this week, will reportedly improve performance on both new Macs equipped with Apple processors and even more vintage versions, according to the manufacturer.

According to a Google test, users with the new Macbook Pro with the M2 processor and the most recent version of macOS Mojave can browse the internet for 17 hours and watch YouTube videos for 18 hours.

How big of a difference the new version will make on older Macbook models with Intel chipsets is not indicated by any statistics provided by Google.

Incidentally, Google began experimenting with memory and power-saving settings last year. But, users began to receive these improvements last week.

According to the search engine giant, Chrome might run for 30 minutes longer than in the tests listed above thanks to the energy-saving mode, which could increase battery life even further.

Google reported that iframes underwent adjustments from the Chrome team (an element that loads an HTML page within a page).

Additionally, it prevented the browser from repeatedly redrawing user interface elements and adjusted its timer for faster CPU access.

Microsoft also made adjustments to its Edge browser last year to reduce system resource usage for improved energy management.

By clicking the “More” icon in the upper right corner, bringing up the “Help” menu, and then selecting “About Google Chrome,” you can see what version of Google Chrome you are now running and (perhaps) update to the most recent version. Otherwise, Google periodically downloads and applies new updates automatically in the background.


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