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Google to launch extreme heat alerts feature

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Google is introducing new extreme heat alerts in Search, which are intended to surface information to assist people in staying safe during heat waves.

The new heat alerts will be implemented over the next few months.

People searching for information on extreme heat will now see when a heat wave is expected to begin and end.

The alert will also provide tips on how to stay cool and warn users about potential health risks.

This data will be prominently displayed in search results. The search engine giant stated that it has collaborated with the Global Heat Health Information Network to ensure that the information presented in the alerts is correct.

During a press conference, Hema Budaraju, Google’s senior director of products for health and search, said, “We’ll be launching a new feature to raise awareness about extreme heat to keep people safe, cool, and healthy.”

For several years, Google has displayed alerts for natural disasters such as wildfires, earthquakes, and hurricanes.

The company notes that the introduction of the heat alerts feature coincides with a record high in global search interest in heat waves in June 2022.

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