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Google launches Pixel 7, 7 Pro with free VPN

Google launches Pixel 7, 7 Pro with free VPN

Google has announced the launch of its latest Pixel 7 and Pix 7 Pro Android device and it’s giving users its Google One VPN for free.

The Android Device Operating System software maker said this on Thursday during the launching of its newly released devices.

Giving out the Google One VPN which usually costs $9.99 a month on the premium package of One plan, Google phones become the first with VPN access.

Although the Google One VPN which also includes 2TB of cloud storage and other benefits is coming at ‘no extra cost’, some data won’t be transmitted through the VPN.

Without specifically saying which data will not be transmittable, Google also said the VPN perk won’t be available in all countries.

“Peace of mind when you connect online, #Pixel7 and 7 Pro will be the only phones with a VPN by Google One—at no extra cost,” Google tweeted.

It’s not the first time Google has included some sort of benefit for Pixel owners; famously, the phones used to come with unlimited original-quality photo backup, though that perk has been scaled back over the years.

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