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Google employees slam CEO over hasty announcement of ChatGPT rival Bard

Google CEO Sundar Pichai

Google CEO Sundar Pichai

Bisola David


Employees flocked to the popular internal site memegen to express their feelings over the Bard announcement, calling it “rushed,” “botched,” and “un-Googley,” via messages and memes


According to CNBC, prior to a Microsoft event the next day, Google had Pichai publicly reveal some information about the company’s chatbot technology on Monday.


At a meeting in Paris on Wednesday, more information regarding Bard was disclosed.


Between both occasions, Microsoft, an early investor in OpenAI, the firm that created ChatGPT, demonstrated how its Bing search engine will work with the popular chat technology, bringing journalists to a demonstration at the business’s Redmond, Washington, headquarters.


Google’s search head Prabhakar Raghavan briefly demonstrated Bard’s capabilities during an event on Wednesday. Many staff were unaware of the situation, and viewers expected to hear more. One speaker failed to bring a phone that was necessary for the demonstration.


Meanwhile, Twitter users started pointing out that a Bard advertisement misrepresented the telescope that was used to capture the first images of a planet outside of our solar system.


Although Google employees sometimes use memes to make light of the company’s idiosyncrasies and errors, the posts from them following the Bard news had a more somber tone and even explicitly attacked Pichai.


An inquiry for comment was not immediately answered by a Google official.


Another popular meme stated, in reference to the lowest category in the organization’s staff performance review system, “Sundar, and leadership, deserve a Perf NI.” The way they are going about’sharpening focus’ is hilariously naive and un-Google.


Pichai urged workers to be more focused last year. Leadership frequently exhorts employees to be “Googley,” which is a colloquial term for ambitious and diligent with an emphasis on respect and teamwork.

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