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Google announces $1m fund for women

India fines Google $162m over market dominance


GOOGLE through its arm has announced a $1m fund to support programmes for women.

According to the company, its fund is aimed at supporting programmes helping women entrepreneurs grow their businesses.

In a statement, Head Brand and Reputation, Africa – Google, Mojolaoluwa Aderemi-Makinde, said, “Research shows that 58 per cent of small and medium-sized business entrepreneurs in Africa are women.

“Despite this, women-run businesses show, on average, 34 per cent lower profits than those run by their male counterparts. They are also less likely to receive funding and investment. This is why we are announcing a series of initiatives today, aimed at providing the support women need to grow their businesses.”

The company also announced a campaign called LookMeUp to showcase women entrepreneurs and tell their stories.

Aderemi-Makinde added, “Google is also providing free tools to support women entrepreneurs to grow their businesses and has launched an intensive program to drive the discovery of women-owned businesses through Google Business Profiles.”

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