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Generative AI job in US rises by 20% -Report

Generative AI job in US rises by 20% -Report

Job advertisements by generative AI-related positions increased by roughly 20% in the United States last month according to statistics from job portal Indeed.

This is as businesses seek to take advantage of a technology that has been widely hailed as the next major growth engine.

The hype surrounding AI, driven by the astronomical success of OpenAI’s ChatGPT, was highlighted by the May statistic, which at 204 per million job posts was also more than double the level from 2021.

On Indeed’s U.S. platform, data scientist jobs comprised up 5% of the AI job listings, and positions like software engineer, machine learning engineer, and data engineer were also in demand.

“There has been a notable increase in job seeker interest in AI-related jobs, especially since the introduction of ChatGPT,” Nick Bunker, director of economic research at Indeed, said.

The increase occurs as large-scale layoffs at businesses like Meta and Amazon, who are cutting their belts to deal with an unstable economy, are putting pressure on the broader IT job market.

According to Indeed, the number of tech jobs overall has decreased in the United States by 43.6% since June of last year, and the demand for AI positions has not kept up with supply.

According to Indeed’s data, searches for generative AI jobs increased significantly in May from essentially nil to 147 per million total jobs searched.

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