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Firm unveils card for digital assets

Firm unveils card for digital assets


A wallet card has been unveiled by a Fintech firm, Tangem Africa, to ensure the safety of over 1000 digital assets for individuals and organisations.

According to a statement released by the company, the card was revealed at a recently finished African Financial Market Conference.

The statement read in part, “Tangem created this card to empower organisations and individuals of every kind to integrate digital assets into their everyday lives and make transactions as easy as they can be.

“From concept design to launch, Tangem cold wallet provides security and convenience to store more than 1000 digital assets in one place. The wallet’s design makes it easy to carry about and it fits into a standard wallet.”

In the statement, it was noted that scammers stole over $14bn worth of digital assets in 2021.

According to The PUNCH, the firm further stressed the need to ensure the security of digital assets away from the reach of scammers.

On the security of the card, the brand’s representative in Nigeria, Osas Asehon, noted, “The EAL6+ chip is certified top-level security that is used in passports and credit cards, making this product very durable and highly secure.”

He added that the card could last its owner for up to 25 years, adding that the card was made of titanium and could survive under any circumstances.

He also noted that the Tangem cards were available in major online stores in Nigeria and on the company’s website.

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