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FibreOne Broadband grows customer base by 300%

FibreOne Broadband says it has grown its customer base by about 300 per cent since 2020.

According to the firm, its residential customers have also grown by 77 per cent, while its small, and medium enterprises segment has grown by 23 per cent.

It added that it provides its customers with up to 1200 megabytes per seconds for downloads, and its average download speed on fixed broadband is 113.25 and 63.15 Mbps on mobile.

In a statement, Head of Corporate Services at FibreOne, Kenny Joda, said, “Technology is invading every space and undoubtedly affecting our daily lives. More people are opting for devices at home to work efficiently and ease the stress of chores.

“Our customer base keeps growing and we have a 77 percentage of residential subscribers. Our service delivery at FibreOne Broadband is customer-centric and from our end, we will keep introducing solutions that keep our customers productive either at home or the office.”

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