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China drafts laws to control ChatGPT-like AI products

China drafts laws to control ChatGPT-like AI products

China’s cyberspace regulator on Tuesday drafted guidelines for managing generative artificial intelligence services.

According to the agency, firms must submit security assessments to authorities before launching their offerings to the public.

The Chinese Cyberspace Administration’s rules come as several governments consider how to mitigate the risks of the emerging technology, which has seen a surge in investment and consumer popularity in recent months following the release of OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

This is coming after Chinese tech behemoths, including Baidu, SenseTime, and Alibaba, debuted new artificial intelligence models capable of powering applications ranging from chatbots to image generators in recent weeks.

The CAC stated that while China supports AI innovation and application and encourages the use of safe and reliable software, tools, and data resources, generative AI content must adhere to the country’s core socialist values.

It stated that providers will be held accountable for the legitimacy of data used to train generative AI products, and that precautions should be taken to avoid discrimination when designing algorithms and training data.

According to the regulator, service providers must also require users to submit their true identities and other relevant information.

Also, If their platforms generate inappropriate content, the companies must update the technology within three months to prevent similar content from being generated again.

If providers do not follow the rules, they will be fined, have their services suspended, or even face criminal charges.

According to the rules, the public can comment on the proposals till May 10, and the measures are expected to go into effect by the end of the year.


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