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Canva unveils paid subscription for varsities, colleges

Canva unveils paid subscription for varsities, colleges

The online graphic design platform Canva on Tuesday unveiled Canva for Campus, a brand-new premium membership for colleges and universities.

The subscription grants faculty, staff, and university administrators access to Canva’s whole toolkit, including millions of stock photos, videos, audio, infographics, and more, as well as educational and professional templates for reports, presentations, and other documents.

All global higher education institutions now have access to Canva for Campus. Certain universities, such as Dartmouth College, Vanderbilt University, and the University of Redlands, have already had access to it.

It’s just a subscription to Canva for Teams, which debuted in August 2022.

It has the same features as Teams but is targeted at academic institutions. Its whole Visual Worksuite, which includes Canva Documents, Canva Websites, Canva Whiteboards, and Data Visualization, is included in this.

Students, instructors, staff, and other departments are organized into “teams” using Canva for Campus. 1TB of storage is given to each team.

With the whiteboard collaboration tool, team members will be able to discuss, and produce material like group projects or lectures, provide feedback in real-time with text or visual sticker comments, and share, edit, and evaluate everything in one location.

Depending on the overall number of students, different subscription prices apply.

According to Cameron Adams, co-founder, and chief product officer of Canva, customers only pay for staff accounts, and after a predetermined number of staff licenses have been acquired, students are granted free access.

“For the past few years, we’ve been watching Canva become a loved tool in thousands of universities worldwide. We’re proud to help achieve their best results and gain the critical skill of visual communication to take with them into the workplace,” said Carly Daff, head of Teams and Education at Canva.

“By launching Canva for Campus, we hope to bring all university staff and students together to achieve their goals.”

Canva is thought to be a helpful resource for both corporations and students. In some cases, employers explicitly state in job advertisements that they prefer candidates with Canva experience.

College students can even take online courses to learn how to use Canva. By 2022, Canva will have more than 110 million monthly users.

The business claimed that by bridging the gap between school and the workplace with this new product, it will be easier for students to promote and spark the adoption of Canva in their future employers.

The ability to establish groups and folders, access approval workflows, and view analytics dashboards are features available to teachers and staff.

With connections with systems like Canvas, Blackboard, Schoology, BrightSpace, and others, professors can also give students access to assignments.

As Canva for Campus features “Brand Kits,” users can upload their brand’s fonts, colors, and logos to generate pre-made branded templates for newsletters, social media postings, and student enrollment paperwork. This will certainly be helpful for college and university marketing departments as well.

To control staff and student access, administrators can enable a single sign-on authentication option independently. They have access to permissions and admin reporting as well.

An extension of Canva for Education, Canva for Campus provides teachers and students with free access to Canva’s premium features, including educational templates for any subject, grade (K–12), or topic, images, fonts, videos, and animations, editing tools, and the capacity to provide feedback on assignments.

Moreover, teachers can link D2L, Moodle, Google Classroom, and Microsoft Teams with their classroom management systems. According to the firm, Canva for Education is used by more than 30 million instructors and students worldwide.


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