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Andela expands talent pool to include designers, others

A recruiter using Andela's new personalized hiring platform. Image credit: Andela

Global talent company Andela said it is expanding its offering beyond engineering talent to include matching in new practice areas: specifically design, data, and product management.

“Having worked across the continent and beyond, we know that the tech ecosystem does not just need only engineering talent,” said the Director of the Andela Learning Community, Agnes Muthoni.

“It’s very rare that software engineers work entirely independently. It takes a variety of skill sets and expertise to make technical solutions that work,” Muthoni added.

The onboarding process for the new set of technical talent will be similar to Andela’s existing model, consisting of English language and soft-skills assessments, technical assessments, and a portfolio review. But within the latter two, there will be some variance.

“Where a software engineer will typically complete a coding challenge and peer code review, a designer may complete a project or do a portfolio walk-through and critique,” Muthoni told TechCabal in an interview.

The expansion of Andela’s offering coincides with the launch of its new platform for talent matching, which the company says is designed to create a “more direct and personalised hiring experience” for both talent and recruiters.

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