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Alibaba appoints new CEO, chairman amid slow growth

Alibaba appoints new CEO, chairman amid slow growth

Alibaba appoints new CEO, chairman amid slow growth

Chinese tech giant, Alibaba, is undergoing a leadership shake-up to overcome slow growth and regulatory hurdles.

Chairman and CEO Daniel Zhang will step down, with Joseph Tsai taking over as chairman and Eddie Wu becoming the new CEO on September 10.

However, Zhang will continue as chairman and CEO of Alibaba Cloud Intelligence Group.

The company aims to revitalize its operations in e-commerce, cloud computing, media, and artificial intelligence through a fundamental reorganization.

Zhang stated that the timing is right for his departure, as Alibaba plans to fully spin off its advanced cloud computing unit.

This strategic move aligns with the company’s vision for future growth and acknowledges the evolving tech landscape.

Incoming chairman Tsai commended Zhang’s leadership in navigating uncertainties, highlighting his strategic acumen and resilience.

Alibaba has faced challenges due to increased regulatory scrutiny and a decline in consumer spending, resulting in consecutive quarters of single-digit revenue growth.

To address these headwinds, the company underwent significant restructuring, creating six distinct business groups.

Each unit now has the autonomy to pursue independent financing and public listing plans, fostering agility and competitiveness.

Amidst China’s tightened regulations in the tech sector, Alibaba aims to proactively adapt and maintain its competitive edge.

By establishing more independent business units, the company seeks to navigate the evolving regulatory environment while exploring new avenues for growth.

Alibaba, founded by Jack Ma in 1999, has been synonymous with innovation and disruption.

However, recent clashes between Ma and Chinese regulators, including the cancellation of Ant Group’s IPO and a hefty fine imposed on Alibaba, have prompted reflection.

Ma’s reduced control over Ant Group may have influenced the regulatory challenges faced by both companies.

With a leadership transition and ambitious reorganization plans on the horizon, Alibaba is embarking on a transformative journey.

By embracing this change, the company aims to regain momentum, emerge stronger and leverage its diverse portfolio, technological expertise, and adaptability, Alibaba strives for renewed growth and global success.

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