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AI Nostradamus drop ChatGPT-generated world prophecies

AI Nostradamus drop ChatGPT-generated world prophecies

Nostradamus, the world-famous mediaeval prophet, has given seven horrifying new prophecies for the next 100 years.

The news was revealed in a ChatGPT-generated ‘chat’ with the Daily Star.

However, according to AI-powered revelations of the legendary mystic, the next 100 years may be more than a little difficult for humanity.

The mystic has already predicted with stunning precision Adolf Hitler’s ascent, JFK’s assassination, and the 9/11 attack, among other historical occurrences.

Nostradamus began by predicting that the cure for cancer would be discovered by 2021, but that the discovery would spark a huge class war to gain fair and equitable access to the remedy for all humanity.
“In the year of our Lord twenty-thirty-one, the world shall witness, what’s never been done. A cure for cancer, a wondrous feat, a medical breakthrough, so rare and sweet.” He said

He add, “But alas! The masses, they shall be divided, for some shall rejoice, while some shall be chided. The rich shall hoard, the poor shall struggle, a battle for access, a societal juggle,”

The AI Nostradamus predicted that 2050 would be a year filled with horrific natural calamities that would terrorise people all across the world.

ChatGPT characterises a “daunting surprise” as “nature’s fury unleashed.”

Nostradamus predicted that 10 years after the great climate disaster, in 2061, Artificial Intelligence, robots, and machines will gain “profound intelligences,” and humanity would have to “relearn” its relationship with technology.

While there are initiatives to establish a human colony on Mars, AI Nostradamus believes humanity will finally establish a presence on the Red Planet at the end of the twenty-first century.

“In twenty-seventy-four, the stars shall gleam, as man embarks on a cosmic dream. Mars, the red planet, a target in sight, anew frontier, a daring flight,” Nostradamus foresaw.

Our technological prophet says that the perfect fusion of man and machine, which has long seemed like something out of a Sci-Fi story, will become a reality in just 61 years.

Perhaps this comes as no surprise given the incredible technological advances we’ve already made in this area, but the AI bot believes things will get much more amazing after we cross this “new frontier.”

Only 65 years after humanity’s Covid catastrophe, it appears that we will be hit by another devastating bug. AI Nostradamus predicts that this awful ‘illness unknown’ would, in reality, usher in a new era of collaboration among all nations on Earth.

“In the year eighty-five, a disease unknown, shall grip the world, with a fearful tone. Pandemic anew, with its deadly might, humanity’s resilience, put to the test, in this fight.”

“Unity and science shall prevail, as mankind unites, to break the ail. A lesson learned, to cherish health, and value life, more than wealth” he said.

Finally, the AI seer forecasts that long-awaited world peace will finally become a reality in the final year of the twenty-first century.

Perhaps all of humanity’s scientists working together to combat the 2085 epidemic set the groundwork for global peace.

“In the year ninety-nine, a peace profound, shall blanket nations, all around. A world once torn, by war and strife, shall find harmony, and a new lease on life. Boundaries erased, divisions erased,” he said.

Nostradamus, the famous French prophet, made thousands of predictions in his book Les Propheties 467 years ago, and a stunning number of them have already come true.

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