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Adobe to integrate AI tools into video editing software

Firefly: Adobe's AI tech access to big clients

Adobe Inc. announced on Monday that it intends to include new artificial intelligence elements into its video editing software, which is used in the film and television sectors.

The tools will allow video editors to adjust the lighting in a scene from midday to sunset or make background music simply by typing a few lines into the system to tell it what to do.

The tools are based on Adobe Firefly, a new technology unveiled last month for generating still images and text.

Adobe is riding a wave of interest in generative AI fueled by Microsoft Corp-backed OpenAI and Stability AI tools that allow users to create creative images with just a few words of description.

However, after Getty photos sued Stability AI, alleging that the firm utilised Getty’s copyrighted photos to train its AI system, legal doubts arose about whether such AI systems’ output can be used in commercial activity.

Adobe, one of the largest providers of tools for visual and video artists, assures users that the output from its Firefly system will be legal for commercial usage.

“With a single button, we can generate 1,000 versions of the same video that are localized,” Ivo Manolov, Adobe vice president of digital and video audio enterprise offerings, said.

Adobe is now testing the technology and intends to deploy the video tools later this year.

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